Our Services

Individual Acupuncture Sessions

Our individual sessions are a one on one treatment session with your acupuncturist. Each treatment is tailored to your presenting condition and encourages the strengthening of your overall immune system and stamina to continue toward the goal of wellness. During these appointments if herbal medicine is also recommended by the practitioner, there will be an herbal consultation done within the appointment. Treatments are usually between 30-45 minutes. Each individual session is $70 per treatment due at time of treatment. Cash, check or credit card accepted. Detailed bill of treatment available if necessary to use as a tool for reimbursement from insurance.

Group Acupuncture Sessions

Group sessions are available for our patients that enjoy coming for maintenance of their health as well as to be a welcoming introduction to anyone that is perhaps wondering how acupuncture can help them and would like to experience acupuncture without the larger financial commitment of the individual sessions. These sessions may have multiple patients in the same room all with the understanding that our clinic is a safe place with the motive and intention of our gathering together is to provide a healing environment. As a member of the C-U community for over 30 years, we hope these sessions can be a way for us to give back to our community. Due to the group setting and sliding scale payments, we do not offer insurance codes and billing statements during group sessions. These sessions are cash or check only and payment is made according to each patients ability to pay using a sliding scale of $25 to $45 as the maximum payment for each session. 

Herbal Medicine

Depending on your ailment or presentation, herbal medicine may be suggested to you by your practitioner. The actual cost of the herbal medicine is not included in the cost of the treatment and each herbal prescription may vary in cost. We believe that acupuncture and herbal medicine together is the most effective way to treat many illnesses though not necessary for every condition.