Frequently asked questions


How long do the sessions last?

Each session will usually last between 30-45 minutes. Please allow an extra 10 minutes to complete paperwork if it is your first time being treated at our clinic.

Do I need to prepare in any way for my appointment?

 Dress in comfortable clothes, loose fitting pants or sweatpants that allow easy access to your lower extremities. If you are coming in for low back pain we may need to access your lower back and hips (running shorts are great for this). Sports bras for women are unnecessary (and even get in the way if we need to access your back). You should make sure you have something to eat within a few hours of coming to the clinic. Treatments can leave some people feeling a bit drained immediately afterwards and if you come on an empty stomach, this can be exacerbated. As much as possible, avoid caffeine and smoking within a few hours of your treatment. Caffeine and nicotine can affect your pulses and pulse rate, two very important diagnostic tools for us. 

What happens during my treatment?

 During the treatment, the practitioner will ask some further questions regarding your chief complaint and possibly about other areas of your life and physical being as well. The points will be selected and at times you may simply lie on the table or be seated comfortably in a chair to rest during treatment, at other times you may be asked to move through certain exercises or a range of motion to kickstart the healing process. There are at times some mild discomfort during the process of needle insertion  - at times it is even a signal that the practitioner is looking for as a sign that the body is communicating well with the areas that need to be addressed. Most patients do not experience pain with having acupuncture treatments but every person experiences things differently. Usually you will retain the needles for 20-30 minutes during treatment.

How will I feel after treatment?

 After treatment patients report a variety of feelings ranging from relaxed to feeling "lighter" and sometimes a bit fuzzy. Try to relax as much as possible for the rest of the day and drink plenty of water. At times there may be a small amount of bruising or tenderness around a site of needle insertion. Pay attention to how you feel the rest of the day and the following day especially. Pay attention not only to your chief complaint but how you feel overall. This will give us important clues as to how the treatment is progressing and when to make adjustments. 

What forms of payment are accepted for treatment?

Individual acupuncture sessions may be paid for with cash, check or credit card and each session is $70.

Group sessions may be paid for with cash or check using the sliding scale of $25-$45 per treatment.

Do we accept insurance?

At this time for individual sessions we will be happy to supply you with a detailed bill and summary that you may provide to your insurance company along with receipt of payment. In this way you can deal directly with your insurance company for reimbursement. We do not bill directly to insurance companies or accept copays for treatment at this time. All treatments must be paid in full at time of treatment.

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